Consiglio Abrasivi is a family owned company, and has been operating in the coated abrasives market since 1939. Upon this solid experience, we have developed a highly specialized manufacturing plant focusing on special premium abrasive tools made to efficiently meet any surface grinding and finishing needs of our customers. In our 8,000 square meter plant located in Sesto San Giovanni, only a few minutes away from Milan, in the heart of the Italian industrial tradition, our company has become over the years one of the largest converters in Italy. We manufacture and market quality abrasive tools, including abrasive cloth flap wheels with flanges and with spindles, cylindrical spiral bands and belts of any size. We strive to consistently improve the efficiency of our production by in-house development of machinery, software and automation processes. We add to this a lean and competent company structure, with several colleagues that have been part of our team for decades.

VSM ha sede a Hannover-Hainholz in Germania, dal 1939 è partner di Consiglio Abrasivi. Grazie alla proficua collaborazione offriamo una qualità di prodotto e servizio sempre al passo con le evoluzioni di settore con soluzioni sia standard che personalizzate. Possiamo offrire soluzioni sia standard che personalizzate mettendo a disposizione tutto il know how acquisito.

STARCKE è un’azienda di medie dimensioni con sede in Germania ed è una dei maggiori venditori di abrasivi nel mondo. La mission dell’azienda è lavorare insieme ai clienti per sviluppare prodotti e soluzioni innovative e customizzate. A seconda delle esigenze, STARCKE offre nastri per la smerigliatura, dischi da taglio, rotoli ecc.. In collaborazione con MATADOR offre fogli impermeabili e dischi velcrati per macchine a per l’industria automobilistica. Coltivare partnership di valore è una nostra priorità!


Ata Group is the one and only company in the world that supplies both pneumatic machines and PROCUT branded consumables for deburring, material removal and finishing. Ata group progetta, produce e distribuisce la gamma più completa e avanzata di frese in metallo duro, utensili pneumatici e abrasivi – sia su misura che standard. Da oltre 50 anni opera in tutti i principali settori industriali, tra cui aerospaziale, automobilistico, petrolio e del gas, la costruzione navale e fabbricazione di metallo. Grazie alla collaborazione con Ata group vi offriamo una vasta gamma di alta qualità ed efficienza.

It is our commitment to be a competent and trusted long-term partner for each one of our customers, assisting them in their grinding and finishing needs. Essere quindi un fornitore competente e affidabile nel tempo. Un risolutore efficiente dei problemi di levigatura e pulitura.

You can count on us!

Our partners

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Ata group

Ata Group is the one and only company in the world that supplies both pneumatic machines and PROCUT branded consumables for deburring, material removal and finishing.

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Consiglio abrasivi imports and distributes Dedeco products, an American company that has been a leader for 80 years in the production of abrasives with thermoplastic bonding for industrial processing in general, and in particular for the dental and gold industry.

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PureOn produces diamond products in all common types of diamond – natural, monocrystalline, polycrystalline and nanocluster – with diameters ranging from 18 nanometers to 100 microns.

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Taiwanese company specialized in the design, production and marketing of pneumatic and related tools with a strong orientation towards innovation and research.

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Since more than 100 years, Starcke is focused on the development and production of high-performance abrasive products for metalworking, wood, glass, plastic, parquet and much more.

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Strauss & Co

Strauss, diamond tools producer from Israel supplies both standard products, always in stock, and products on drawing providing the necessary technical support from the idea to the delivery of the material

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With more than 200 product lines, VSM provides its customers with tailor-made solutions for any stock removal and finishing requirement.

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