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Polishing compounds

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Polishing compounds

Available on stock in a wide selection of the best solid and liquid compounds for all the steps from roughing
to super mirror finishing. For choosing the right compound please refer to the following instructions. SGROSSING – In the case of large surface defects to be removed. Paste with a high grease content and high removal capacity.
CLEANING – Preparing the surface for final polishing, in case there are still contained defects to be corrected.
POLISHING – Lowering the level of surface roughness, in the case of surfaces without defects to be eliminated.
SINGLE PASS – In the case of surfaces with a good level of finish, when a particularly high degree of polish is not required and it is therefore considered to optimize by performing a single pass with abrasive pastes.
BRILLIANTING – Second pass with abrasive pastes for a high gloss finish.
SUPERFINISHING – for an extreme finish, where the highest specularity is the goal to be achieved.



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