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Scallop and micro discs for spot repair

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Scallop and micro discs for spot repair

Starcke scallop and micro discs with Velcro or self-adhesive backing are used to remove imperfections like trapped dust particles and paint runs in the clear coat. In order to achieve a perfect polishing result, the finest grit possible should be used. After correcting the imperfections using grits 5000 and 3000, a polishing compound can subsequently be used for final hologram free deep-shine polishing in a single step. Larger dust inclusions should be removed using grits P 2500, P 2000 or P1500. Besides the standard paper backing, discs and scallop are also available with film backing, for a by far extended life.



Since more than 100 years, Starcke is focused on the development and production of high-performance abrasive products for metalworking, wood, glass, plastic, parquet and much more.

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