Small tools on shank pins

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Small tools on shank pins

Ideal for working on small parts and hard-to-reach places, precious and non-precious metals, stones and glass. They do not require additional abrasive paste. Recommended speed: up to 20,000 rpm. Available individually and in convenient assortments in various shapes, grits and sizes. Color-coded for easy identification. The precision tool range is ideal for finishing, grinding and polishing all precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals without the need for abrasive pastes. The abrasive discs will not scratch precious stones.




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Consiglio abrasivi imports and distributes
exlusively the products of Dedeco, an
American leader for 80 years in the production
of abrasives with thermoplastic backing
for industrial processing in general, and in
particular for the dental and goldsmith industries.

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